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Pet booties Australia is a company based on pet products that carry out a lot of research on the brands we sell, making sure that they are made of the best quality materials and are made from sturdy designs that will last over time. Our main priority is to make the brands we sell fashionable, yet functional and 100% safe for all of our pets to use. Our products are handpicked from manufacturers all over the world which enables us to source a wide range of designs that are unique and something a little bit different. The majority of our clothing line suits small to medium sized dogs, but we do strive to find items that are for larger breeds and for cats as well. Our accessory lines are mostly for dogs and cats, but we have sold items to pets. We categories our products and resources according to the ‘adventure’ they are associated with such as camping, biking, etc. We will continue to supplement our ‘lifestyle ranges’ and add to the activities we cover – ensuring that we can offer a one-stop shop for our customers that meets all their adventure needs.

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